In a recent discussion with Voddie Baucham on the subject of discipleship, I asked him about the church’s commission regarding discipleship.  You will appreciate his answer.

Are Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ Going to Hell? — R.C. Sproul does a good job of articulating the answer to this question.

5,000 Days — Tim Challies has recently crossed the 5,000th consecutive day of blogging.  You can checkout some answers to popular questions sent to him regarding his writing ministry.

Was Katie Luther Spiritual? The Piety of the Reformation’s First Lady — Some interesting information about Martin Luther’s wife.

Seven ways delighting in God benefits us — This is a helpful and concise list to consider.

Discerning Entertainment — This is a helpful excerpt from a recent article by Burk Parsons.

Calvinism Is Not New to Baptists — A short article by Thomas Kidd on the relationship between Calvinism and Baptists throughout history.

Luther in Playmobil — The story of Martin Luther depicted in Playmobil toys set to motion.

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