Last week, Nathan Bingham of Ligonier Ministries led a Google Hangout with Dr. Ligon Duncan, chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, president of Westminster Seminary California, and Dr. Stephen Nichols, president of Reformation Bible College on the subject of Calvin’s legacy today.  The conversation is worthy of your time.

How a Busy Mom Can Stay Consistent in the Word – Always an important subject for the busy mother who seeks to balance crazy schedules and pursue God at the same time.

What Questions Should a Pastor Ask Himself after Preaching a Sermon? – This is a guest post by R. Kent Hughes, author of The Pastor’s Book: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Pastoral Ministry.

Why All Lives Matter – James White explains why all lives matter in the wake of the horrific attacks on police officers in Dallas, TX.  His words are helpful as we seek to oppose sin, reject propaganda, and avoid the dangerous trap of politically fueled responses to such events.

Local Man To Mortify Indwelling Sin Of Laziness, Tomorrow – As always, the Babylon Bee takes a fictitious story and makes a good point worth consideration.

Broken Dynamics in Marriage (Q&A) – Few things can be as frustrating as an overbearing wife or a passive husband. So how can a Christian husband lead a stubborn wife? How can a Christian wife follow a reluctant leader? In a Q&A with John Piper, he seeks to answer these important questions.


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