This January, Christians from all around the United States (and beyond) will gather for the G3 Conference, a theology conference focused on a specific theological issue each year.  This upcoming year the theme will be the doctrine of the Trinity.  You should consider registering and reserving a seat for you and your friends.

Can hipster Christianity save churches from decline?  That’s the title and a valid question that needs to be asked in our confused culture.  Brett McCraken writes, “Many don’t want the church to be like a sceney bar or a stylish boutique. They want the church to be the church: an institution that embraces awkward people, confronts sin, transforms lives, subverts the sovereignty of self, serves others and provides meaning more substantial than the ephemera of fickle fads.”

When God Calls You Into New Territory.  Gavin Ortland talks with Voddie Baucham about his upcoming move to Zambia.  You can see more at

SCOTUS: Too Much and Too Little. Rosaria Butterfield writes, “And like others of my ilk, I know that sexual orientation is an invented category of personhood. Indeed, even from the old feminist perspective that I sported back in the day, I knew that sexual orientation as an identity was a category mistake.”


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