In case the first videos were not enough, Planned Parenthood does it again!  A new undercover video has been released depicting a Planned Parenthood VP of the Rocky Mountains, Dr. Savita Ginde, negotiating prices for body parts and talking about ways to avoid legal action in the process.

10 Updates on Planned Parenthood; A New Video; And How To Contact Congress – Justin Taylor provides some helpful information regarding the latest Planned Parenthood video and how to contact Congress to make a difference in the wake of these new shocking videos.

Cecil the Lion – Carl Trueman points out the problem with our confused culture when a stronger outrage exists for the killing of a lion rather than the mutilation of human babies through Planned Parenthood.

James White responds to the article on the SBC Today website by Dr. Coxe of the First Baptist Church of Pryor, Oklahoma comparing Hinduism, racism, and Calvinism.  Dr. Coxe writes, “Calvinism is nothing short of baptized racism, advocating the dogma that one group, the non-elect, is condemned by God to spiritual inferiority and another group, the elect, is destined to spiritual superiority.”

Launch the Move – This is the final week before Voddie Baucham and his family leave for Zambia, Africa.  Visit the website and learn about ways you can pray and support their ministry.

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