In January, the 6th annual G3 Conference will be held in Atlanta.  View this short video to hear about why you and your local church should be interested in attending if possible.  This is not a pastors’ conference.  This is a conference for the local church that will be centered on the theme of discipleship.

Slogging Blogging — Tim Challies gives thought to why he blogs as he approaches his 5,000th consecutive day.

God Is Satisfied — “The Bible explains the cross in terms of both propitiation and expiation, the twin accomplishments of Christ in our behalf.”

Advice on studying Romans from Douglas Moo — As I’m preparing to start a preaching series through Romans that will likely be a lengthy journey (set to begin after I preach through 1 John), I’m interested in looking at advice, resources, commentaries, and basically anything worthwhile to prepare my mind and heart for what is considered by many to be the most important book of the New Testament.

Dozens Accept America As Lord And Savior At First Baptist Dallas Service — Should we laugh or weep?  The reality is, the Bee is dedicated to a specific form of humor that makes us laugh and then stop to consider the reality of what’s happening (and has been happening) in the evangelical world.

Thank God for the Idea of America — Some helpful words from Kevin DeYoung on America’s birthday.

The baker who refused to make wedding cake appears on “The View” — An interesting conversation indeed.

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