Recently, Matthew Robinson of Media Gratiae sat down with Paul Washer for a live Facebook interview.  They discussed the new Behold Your God online study and many other random things about life and ministry.

Christ’s Command to Be Compassionate – John MacArthur writes, “Divine compassion has human implications. Because God is compassionate, He expects His people to be as well.”

Why the Reformation is definitely not over – I found this article helpful as we all think honestly about the historic and modern Reformation.

Elevation Church Debuts Water Slide Baptismal – As we laugh, we must remember these things are sadly too close to reality.

Playing with Fire – “Putting LGBTQ history on the school curriculum is merely the symptom.”

China’s glass walkway opens in Tianmen mountain – Would you venture out on this mountain walk?

Why Aren’t Family Vacations Always Peaceful? – Paul Tripp provides some helpful and funny reflections.

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