Recently, Albert Mohler preached in the opening Convocation in chapel at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is nothing new, since he serves as the president of the school. However, it was a really good sermon worthy of your time.


In Praise of Low-Budget, Non-Professional Music Ministries [HT: Challies] – Mark Dever explains why he supports the non-professional and more low key music ministry of his church.  Having worshipped in his church on the Lord’s day, I can validate that it was nothing special, but it was really good to hear the entire congregation singing.

Prayer and Pastoral Ministry – “So, how consistently do you pray for your people? The apostles devoted themselves both to the Word and to prayer (Acts 6:4).”

Church, State, and the Authority of Jesus – Jonathan Leeman’s book, Church Membership: How the World Knows Who Represents Jesus is a worthy read and this post is taken directly from his book.

The flawed theory of “social” missions – A wrong view of missions will be catastrophic for a local church and will not deliver the good news of Jesus Christ.

Should We Help Believers Escape Persecution? – This was a good look at an important cultural and theological issue we’re facing today.

How to Hit the Ground Running in Logos 7 – In case you haven’t heard, Logos 7 is now out and here’s some helpful tips on how to harness the powerful software.

Apple rolls out macOS Sierra developer beta 7 & public beta 6 – ” Apple has just dropped the 7th developer beta for macOS Sierra, along with the macOS Sierra Public Beta 6, for other early adopters of the new version of the Mac operating system first shown off at this year’s WWDC 2016.”

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