Yesterday, Ligonier published a sermon from their 2012 West Coast Conference, Standing Firm.  The sermon was by R.C. Sproul and the subject – Justification by Faith Alone.  This sermon is worth your time as Dr. Sproul makes sense of this foundational doctrine.

3 Reasons the Campaign on Planned Parenthood is Winnable – Doug Wilson points out that Planned Parenthood is guilty and deserves every bit of opposition it’s receiving.  He points out some additional focal points that could help in this campaign.

God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenants: A Concise Biblical Theology – Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum team up in this forthcoming book set to be released by Crossway on August 31st.  They will point to a middle ground option between covenant theology and dispensationalism.  This is one book you will want to read and reread as you firm up your eschatological positions.

3 Filters For Social Media Posts – Barnabas Piper offers some helpful ways to filter your social media posts.  This is especially helpful in our culture of instantaneous push button publication.

Fair Winds and Following Seas! or Thoughts on Leaving America – On August 5th, Voddie Baucham and his family launched their move to Zambia and begin a new chapter in life and ministry.  You can read what he had to say about it in his article and stay in touch and support their ministry through the Launch the Move website.


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