Sunday marked the 15th anniversary of the September 11th Islamic terror attacks that rocked our nation in 2001. I found this short video intriguing as a photographer explains how he discovered a Bible that survived during the attacks and later donated it to the 9/11 memorial museum.

All That Terror Teaches: Have We Learned Anything? – “We know so much more now than we knew then. But have we really learned anything? We must hope so, but lessons learned in a moment of urgency have a way of fading into memory. What lessons must remain?”

If God Is Sovereign, Why Pray? – This is a consistent question that arises when considering the sovereignty of God over all things.

Sermons on Heaven and Hell – Take time to listen to Alistair Begg preach on two important subjects – heaven & hell.

Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Muslims Say “No” – “In No God but One: Allah or Jesus?, Nabeel Qureshi investigates the evidence for Islam and Christianity as a former Muslim.”

Rescuing Men From Fake Love and Fake War – A helpful article that points out the hurting boys of our porn saturated video game culture.

Churches in the ‘civil rights’ crosshairs – “Massachusetts has become the latest state to approve protected class status for transgender persons, and churches should not expect any exemption from the law that goes into effect Oct. 1.”

One Question to Unlock Your Evangelism – “Next time you are in the barber’s chair, or sipping a latte with a friend, or sitting next to a stranger on a plane, ask yourself, “What do I think Jesus is doing right now?” And then ask them what they think.”

How to Copy–Paste Bible Text from Logos without Leaving Your Word Processor – Helpful tool for research, writing, and sermon preparation.


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