In the 2000 Ligonier National Conference, John Piper preached a sermon titled, “Let the Nations be Glad.”  You will find it helpful as you consider the sovereignty of God in salvation and the firm command to go and make disciples among the nations.

The Pope Offers Mercy—Protestants Won’t Be Indulged – Is salvation really for sale?  This is proof that the Reformation isn’t over.

Is the Bible Foundational to Christianity? Engaging with Andy Stanley – Michael Kruger weighs in on the Andy Stanley debacle over holy Scripture.

85 Years Ago Today: J. R. R. Tolkien Convinces C. S. Lewis that Christ is the True Myth – Written by Justin Taylor yesterday, this is a good article – especially for those of you who enjoy Tolkien and Lewis.

What is Preaching, Anyway? –  Jared Wilson provides some helpful thoughts on the subject of preaching.

The Church & God’s Eternal Plan – John MacArthur explains God’s plan for the church.

Ehrman and Islamic Apologetics and More on Andy Stanley and Russell Moore – James White talks Islam and Andy Stanley.

Sex Negative – Carl Trueman writes, “The attitude toward sex in our secular culture is simultaneously tedious and disturbing. Tedious because of its predictability. Disturbing because of its profound negativity, despite absurd claims to the contrary.”


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