In the 2017 G3 Conference, D.A. Carson preached on the subject, “Laying the Foundation.”  You will find the sermon helpful.  Are you registered for the 2018 G3?  Save the date and reserve your seats at

Half of Protestants agree with Catholics on salvation — There is always a certain percentage of error with any statistical survey, but even with the typical rage of error, the outcome of this study is troubling.

I couldn’t take my eyes (and hands) off this book — Aaron Armstrong describes how he couldn’t put this book down, and you probably will find similar results when you read it too.

You Are Not Destined to Be Your Parents — “Parents have a lot of influence on who we become, but not more than God. Whatever kind of parents you had — godly or ungodly, wise or unwise, kind or unkind — you can overcome your past.”

On the Scandal of Divorce — “The Bible begins in Genesis with a marriage and ends in Revelation with a marriage, and that is why the nature of marriage is fundamental to our story as well.”

What Do You Do With the Will of God? — “In all our discussions about the right way to seek out the will of God, let’s not lose sight of this: As Christians, we desire God’s will, we seek God’s will, we approve of it, we delight in it, and we do it.”

Albert Mohler on the #NashvilleStatement on The Briefing

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