The 2016 G3 Conference on the Trinity is coming up in January.  This is the 4th annual G3, and each year since the beginning the G3 has sold out.  Last year, an extensive waiting list developed for people who wanted to attend.  This year, the G3 is close to filling up in September.  If you would like to attend, you should visit the website and register to reserve your seat.

Should We Go Down the Ashley Madison Rabbit Hole? – Erin Straza provides some good advice regarding the Ashley Madison debacle.  Should we crave to know this information?  Erin writes, “Our media-saturated lives offer regular opportunities to make private details public. How do we know when to feed our hunger and when to starve it?”

The Curse of a Godly Wife – Tim Challies provides some helpful advice to the man who must lead, even if his wife’s spiritual maturity exceeds him.

I am a Christian, but I don’t follow Christ – Denny Burk responds to the #IAmAChristianBut video that seems to portray a version of Christianity that isn’t Christianity at all.

How to Stay Christian on Campus – David Mathis offers some helpful advice for students who find themselves seeking shelter in the false bubble of their campus.

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