Often young people are criticized as being too young or inexperienced to serve God faithfully.  This clip from a sermon preached back in 2007 is not only encouraging, but correct.  Why wait until you’re mid 40s to serve God?

Reformation Day Suggestions:

In honor of Reformation Day, I’ve provided some helpful links to articles and books that will help you put the pieces of church history in their proper place regarding the Reformation.

Martin Luther: Lessons from his Life and Labor – John Piper’s biography of Martin Luther is worthy of your time as he does a good job of focusing on Luther’s commitment to the “external Word.”

A Man More Sinned Against than Sinning?: The Portrait of Martin Luther in Contemporary New Testament Scholarship – Carl Trueman points out the popular flaws in the new perspective of Martin Luther.

The Insanity of Luther – R.C. Sproul provides a short devotional on Martin Luther that’s worthy of your time and consideration.

Martin Luther: 7,000 Sermons – Steven Lawson does a good job of focusing on the preaching of Martin Luther.  He writes, “In the tempestuous days of the Reformation, the centerpiece of Luther’s ministry was his bold biblical preaching.”

Scripture, Tradition, and Rome, Part 4 – John MacArthur looks back to a time before Luther – to Jesus and the doctrine of justification by faith alone.  He writes: 

Martin Luther was frustrated by Rome’s unwillingness to address doctrine—especially justification by faith. He even stated that he would gladly yield to the pope on ecclesiastical matters if the pope would embrace the true gospel. Luther understood that all the moral and ecclesiastical offenses tolerated by the Church were ultimately a result of the eclipse of justification. The doctrine of justification by faith alone would have automatically ended the sale of indulgences and other abuses of ecclesiastical power.

Introducing…Martin Luther – This is an audio series by Michael Reeves (author of The Unquenchable Flame).  Not only do you need to listen to this series, but you should likewise consider purchasing his book and reading it to get a good understanding of the Reformation.

Hymn Stories: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God – You will find this post by Tim Challies interesting.  It’s an overview of Luther’s famous hymn – A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

A few articles I’ve written on this subject can be accessed below:

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