In this short video, you will hear Robert Plummer (Greek professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) explain the meaning of Apocrypha.

Is expositional preaching the best way to preach? — “God’s word — more than the cleverness of the preacher — is far better prepared to help us see the world around us.”

Brandan Robertson on the Death of Christianity, Jared Wilson and Galatians 2, Open Phones with Great Calls! — James White provides some clarity on some important issues in this latest DL.

Richard Baxter’s Balanced Approach to Depression and Anxiety — This is a resource that you will likely want to check out.

What Is Reformation Day? — What really happened on October 31st that is worthy of historical notation?

Video: “God and Man” by Alistair Begg — “Unless we first understand God’s identity, we will never make sense of our own. So who is God? Psalm 8 proclaims that He is the Lord, the ruler of all things who created mankind in His image.”

Kevin DeYoung’s Ten Commandments — According to Tim Challies, “The Ten Commandments is a worthy book on an important topic. No matter your theological background and convictions, I’m convinced you’ll benefit from reading it (and any other of DeYoung’s books).”

Quiz on the Reformation — Did you miss the latest quiz on the DBG blog? See how much you really know about the Reformation.

G3 Conference — Seats are still available for the G3, so if you’re planning to go, make your reservations soon.