Recently, Tim Challies takes on the subject of sleepovers, and explains why he and his family don’t do them or made the decision not to engage in the practice when their children were younger.

The Miracle of Christian Preaching — “Christian preaching isn’t a lecture or monologue, but a miracle of the Holy Spirit working in and through the pastor and the people.”

The Gospel According to God – John MacArthur (2018) — John MacArthur refers to Isaiah 53 as “the most remarkable chapter in the Old Testament.” This is the grand theme of Dr. MacArthur’s most recent book, The Gospel According to God.

Not an Act of God: Ministries Respond to Surge in Mass Shootings — Counselors from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association respond to the resent school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

$5 Friday: Justification, Atonement, & Redemption — Some good Friday deals.

10 Things You Should Know about B. B. Warfield — “Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (1851-1921) is best known as the theologian of the doctrine of inspiration.”