In the 2015 G3 Conference, Steven Lawson preached on the subject of The God Breathed Word.  What does it mean that God breathed out His Word?  You can view the full sermon below.

What is Faith? John Broadus – David Prince takes “a quote transcribed from a handwritten and unpublished book, The Pauline System of Christian Doctrine, by John A. Broadus (John A. Broadus papers Box 19.28, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary). He helpfully answers the question, ‘What is faith?'”

Ann Hasseltine Judson: A Deathward Life for Christ – Laura Elliott writes, “Now is the time for us to count the cost! Are we willing to pay the price to bring the message of the gospel and of biblical womanhood to the women in our ‘mission field’? Oh, may it be so!”

Video: “What If It’s All True!” By Alistair Begg – “Eyewitness testimonies, the empty tomb, the striking change in the disciples … the New Testament provides fact-based evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. In this message, Alistair Begg encourages us to a thoughtful consideration of this central Christian truth, emphasizing the need to trust in Christ for our salvation.”

How to Stay Holy When Under Pressure – “But when we dare to be a Daniel in a world full of compromise, we will discover the power of personal holiness.”

Don’t Wait Until Next Easter – “We celebrate on Sunday with vigor, but a few days later, we fall back into the same mundane pattern of everyday life. We often live as if Easter hasn’t happened.”

Praying for Your People – “Very few pastors would claim that they pray enough for their people. Perhaps it’s an impossible task—no one will ever think they’ve prayed enough. Still, we can see from the example of our Lord and His apostles that praying for our people is of monumental importance.”

1 John 3:1, the Pericope Adulterae, and More on Ecclesiastical Textism – James White talks about some important issues in a recent Dividing Line broadcast.  

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