In the 2016 T4G, they used a few special videos titled, “Voices from the Past” and this particular video is titled, “What shall we do?”  It’s worthy of your time as we all consider what we’re going to do from this day forward as the Reformation continues.

Is it Ever Legitimate to Complain to God or to Express Anger to God? – R. C. Sproul deals with a controversial topic that every child of God will face at some point in their life.

What Can We Take to Heaven? – Barnabas Piper writes, “You can’t take the stuff of this life with you when you die. Not your house or car or kids or 401-K or 403-B or lake house or book collection or dog or cat (because cats don’t go to heaven). When you’re dead you’re gone. So what is the point of all the effort to enrich this life? Is it simply to make our few years on this terrestrial ball more tolerable and meaningful? I hope not because even a meaningful eight decades mean little when compared to eternity.”

5 Reasons Why the New Calvinism Is Worth Supporting – You might have a few select differences on doctrine or practical positions, but the New Calvinism is worthy of your support.

T4G Resources – Take time to listen to the sermons from the most recent T4G conference.  I especially enjoyed the “Voices from the Past” special productions.

Like Any Prince – Yesterday, Prince died.  As Jon Bloom makes clear in his article, like any prince, we all shall die.  He writes, “And so it is with us all. As the psalmist wrote, “like men you shall die, and fall like any prince” (Psalm 82:7). Prince has fallen. And so shall we.”


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