Paul Washer preaching on the “narrow way” and explains why it’s necessary to examine yourself to see if you’re in the faith.

Are Allah and Yahweh the Same? – R.C. Sproul, in looking at the differences of Allah and Yahweh, writes, “The most obvious difference is with respect to the Trinity. Christians confess the triune nature of God.”

D.A. Carson Says This Is the “Best Technical Commentary on Ephesians” – D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School explains why the EEC commentary is the “best technical commentary on Ephesians.”

Die to Your Flesh and Live – Jon Bloom explains why it’s important and essential to die to your flesh on a daily basis.

Governed by Bad News or Good News? – David Prince explains why Christians must not be governed by bad news.

How the Lord’s Supper Makes a Local Church – A helpful article about the connection of the Lord’s Super and the local church.

Did Jonathan Edwards Inspire the Modern Missions Movement? – Obbie Todd writes, “Thanks to the life of David Brainerd and the pen of Jonathan Edwards, the modern missionary movement was born in the evangelism of Andrew Fuller.”

How to preach under pressure – Ray Ortlund writes, “Blessed be our enemies!  For they teach us, with all their bluster, ever better to know what right faith, true peace and eternal joy are.


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