The Bible Project has released a series of motion graphic videos called – Read Scripture.  From that series (yes, it has an app too), they have provided a video overview of the book of the Psalms that you will find helpful.

David Mathis on Your Single Most Important Habit – David Mathis has written a helpful article, and Randy Alcorn explains, “When we back away from the local church, we often engage in spiritual isolation that’s likely to not only distance us from God’s work but also sour us and our children to the good (though less-than-perfect) work churches are doing.”

FAQ: The Ligonier Statement on Christology – Nathan Bingham explains the Ligonier Statement on Christology.

Have I Lost My Old Logos or Libronix Books? – Are you worried about those old digital files and books from years ago?  Logos explains that they’re not lost – they’re still there.

Preaching as an Act of Worship – Eric Dodson explains that preaching is more than speaking.

Faithful Preachers are Forgetful Preachers – H.B. Charles Jr. writes, “A good minister of Jesus Christ must…know what to forget. More specifically, you must learn to forget yourself.”

Did God Break the Law for Love? – Tim Challies addresses the recent sermon clip that was released of Steven Furtick where he makes the troubling statement, “God broke the law for love.”


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