During the first G3 Conference in January of 2013, Paul Washer was interviewed in the exhibit hall by Todd Friel.  Paul Washer tells the story of being accused of preaching heresy because he preached from Isaiah 53:10.

6 Reasons to Confess Your Faith Corporately – Alex Duke writes, “most if not all churches have a confession—at least in some form—but it’s often relegated to obscurity, unknown and certainly unarticulated by the congregation as a whole.”

Why the Doctrine of the Trinity Is Crucial for the Christian Life – Adapted from Owen on the Christian Life: Living for the Glory of God in Christ by Matthew Barrett and Michael A. G. Haykin, this article is worth reading.

Tim Challies Wins Jeopardy! In Dominant Performance – In case you don’t keep up with the satire site – The Babylon Bee – you’re missing out on some daily laughs.

Travel Report, Response to Steve Camp and then some KJVOnly Wackiness – James White provides an update on his recent trip overseas for ministry along with some additions issues.

The Pastor as Shepherd – The title of pastor is significant and John MacArthur explains why.

Is Your Pastor Happy to See You? – “It is my goal now, for as long as God would have me simply as a sheep and not a shepherd, be as low-maintenance as I can manage for my church. I want when my pastor sees me coming — his name is Nathan (Hi, Nathan, if you’re reading this) — not to inwardly sigh or tense up or have to marshal some extra patience or energy, but to relax a little, smile, and feel safe.”

How to Criticize a Fellow Christian or an Unbeliever in Controversy – Justin Taylor provides highlights from a letter that John Newton wrote a pastor who was preparing to criticize a fellow minister.  He likewise links to the entire letter in case you want to read the letter in its entirety.

G3 Conference – The 2017 G3 Conference on the Reformation is open for registration.  You will want to make your plans to join us in Atlanta next January.  Reserve your seat today – www.G3Conference.com.

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