Paul Washer tells a story of a young girl who left home for Rio de Janeiro to become a prostitute.  This story will encourage you to be passionate in evangelism while at the same time it serves as a reminder of the need for sinners to repent.

Why Are Christians Bitter and Unhappy? – Randy Alcorn explains why the church should be a happy place full of happy people.

Note to Aspiring Preachers: Here are Seven Key Pitfalls to Avoid – Michael Kruger provides some helpful (and necessary) advice to those who want to preach the Word.

How God Is Both Incomprehensible and Knowable at the Same Time – Crossway adapted this from the ESV Study Bible.  Not only is it good truth, but it’s likewise a reminder on the value of the ESV Study Bible as a resource.

Why I Am Not Roman Catholic – Tim Challies has provided a good overview explaining why he is not Roman Catholic.  At one point in the article, he makes this succinct statement, “I am not Roman Catholic because Rome denies the gospel.”

Multi-Site Church Video Screen Utterly Fails At Pastoral Counseling – Although intended for humor, good satire always has an element of truth.

The debate over gender identity and bathrooms – Appealing back to creation, Lita Cosner (a member of the church I serve as pastor) addresses key issues in this heated debate in our culture.

Will You Read Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life With Me? – You still have time to get your book by Don Whitney and read the first chapter before I post the article and discussion topic next Thursday.

G3 Conference – The 2017 G3 Conference on the Reformation is open for registration.  You will want to make your plans to join us in Atlanta next January.  Reserve your seat today –

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