In this sermon by Voddie Baucham, he explains the duty of the preacher from Titus 1.



The Recent Trinitarian Debate – Michael Riccardi summarizes and weighs in on the current Trinity debate.

10 Thoughts on Speaking (and Not) In a Digital World – Kevin DeYoung does a good job of explaining the art of knowing when and when not to speak.

Why J.D. Greear Is Withdrawing His Name from Contention for the Presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention – Justin Taylor explains why Greear pulled out of the race at the end of a historic election in the SBC – leaving Steve Gaines as the last man standing.

Custom ESV Bibles for All – Crossway is offering custom ESV Bibles – which might be a great outreach tool.

Reflections on the SBC Annual Meeting, Tuesday, June 14, 2016 – Alex Duke provides a review of the 2016 SBC.

Why I Am Not Paedobaptist – Tim Challies is continuing a great series explaining why he isn’t various different things, but in essence, he’s explaining what he really is and what he really believes.  The most recent article is on the subject of baptism and it’s worthy of your time.

2017 G3 Conference – One unique aspect about the G3 Conference is the number of women who attend each year.  This year, the G3 Conference will be held at a new venue in Atlanta, but they will also be bringing in Rosaria Butterfield to speak as well.  Just one more way to invest in women and the church as a whole.

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