Derek Thomas’ sermon, A Book In His Hand, A Burden On His Back from the 2015 Ligonier regional conference is well worth your time.


And now …– Jeremy Walker explains the importance of Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

Ugly Stain, Beautiful Hope: My Response to Mika Edmondson – Albert Mohler responds to Mike Edmondson regarding the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Nathan Finn on Church History and the Pastor – If you’re a pastor and you’ve ever asked yourself if church history really matters, listen to Nathan Finn on this subject.

The Trinity debate in 200 words – Jesse Johnson provides a brief overview of a very important modern debate on the Trinity.

James White on the Trinity Debate – Commenting on the modern debate on the Trinity, James White offers helpful clarification.  His comments on the subject begin at 53:15.

Protecting Our Children Is More Important Than Seeking Their Approval – Randy Alcorn provides helpful advice for parents who should want to protect their children.

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