In the 2016 G3 Conference, James White spoke on the subject, “The Defining Christian Confession: The Trinity.“  You can view the full sermon below.

You Don’t Have to Know God’s Will – Jon Bloom explains, “You don’t have to know God’s will if you are confident in God’s word.”

Soldiers of Christ – John MacArthur explains what it means to be a soldier for Christ.

How Can Richer Churches Help Churches In Poorer Neighbourhoods With Less Resources? – Over on the 20Schemes blog, you will find helpful conversation that has recently taken place.  This is the fifth part of a longer conversation on the topic of race and class. Check out part1, 2, 3 and 4 here.

The Transgender Conversation You Need to Have With Your Family – Tim Challies explains the necessary conversation that we must have among our families.

What If “Iron Sharpening Iron” in the Book of Proverbs Is Actually Something to Avoid? – Justin Taylor writes, “That’s the question raised by Ron Giese in the latest issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature: Ronald L. Giese Jr., “‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ as a Negative Image: Challenging the Common Interpretation of Proverbs 27:17,” JBL 135, no. 1 (Spring 2016): 61-76.”

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