Check out this testimony by Saro Davidian, a frequent attendee of the G3 Conference as he tells of how the conference has been a blessing to he and his family.  Saro is not a pastor—and the G3 is a Christian conference for the local church and church leaders.

Organization That Murders 200,000 People Of Color Each Year Takes Stand Against Racism — The Bee is a satire site, but this is not fake news.  Consider this truth.

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “How to Evangelize Religious People” — Some of the most difficult people to evangelize are religious people.  This is a helpful resource.

Book Review: Conversion & Discipleship: You Can’t Have One Without the Other, by Bill Hull — Too often we segment discipleship away from evangelism, missions, and conversion.  This is a good reminder.

Faithful Theological Education — “Theological education abounds in America in a wide variety of churches, institutes, colleges, universities, and seminaries. The interesting question before us is: what makes for faithful theological education?”

$5 Friday: Christ, Providence, & Suffering — As always, it’s Friday and that means Ligonier has some really good books and resources for only $5.

Today, More than Ever, Read Beyond the Headlines — In a day where click bait abounds, this is an important reminder by Tim Challies.

Your Marriage Is Not a Mistake — “Marriage is ultimately God’s doing. None of us has the right to separate what he has brought together.”

Fellow College Students, Please Join a Local Church — God’s plan is the local church and the sooner we see this we will be able to live a fulfilled Christian life.

G3 Conference — Some audio ads were uploaded to a new Sound Cloud for the G3 that will be played on some podcasts.  You might hear them somewhere soon, or you can just drop in and listen at the new Sound Cloud page.


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