As we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus—we must remember that the resurrection of Jesus is the high point of Christian theology. Why did the chief priests and the religious community of the Jews try to cover up the resurrection of Jesus (see Matt. 28:11-15)? The truth is—out of all of Jesus’ miracles—from the creation of the world (Col. 1:15-16) to the virgin birth (Is. 7:14; Matt. 1:21)—there is no miracle greater than the resurrection that occurred after the brutal Roman crucifixion (Matt. 28:1-10). The resurrection of Jesus stands at the center of Christian theology and points to the validity of all of Jesus’ teachings. If Jesus was not resurrected on the first day of the week (Sunday) after his crucifixion—his prophecy in Matthew 12:40 and John 2:19 would not have been true.

If Jesus was not raised from the dead as the prophet foretold in Psalm 16 the ministry of Jesus would be unfulfilled and he would not deserve to be worshiped. Without the resurrection of Jesus—Christianity falls to pieces. However, since Jesus was raised from the dead and appeared to hundreds of people over a 40 day period—we can state with absolute certainty that Jesus is God and that he alone can forgive sins. As you celebrate Easter this weekend—remember one day you will stand before Jesus at the judgment. You need a Savior today who can provide you with righteousness that you will need on that day. Jesus can be your Savior today, but one day he will be your Judge. Jesus Christ deserves praise, worship, and he alone can take away your sin. We know this because of the resurrection. Call out to Jesus today for salvation.

Below are some encouraging clips regarding the death and resurrection of Jesus:

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