In the 2016 Shepherds’ Conference, Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and John MacArthur fielded questions before the conference attendees. As always, the questions and answers sessions are one of the highlights of conferences, and this is one worthy of your time.

10 Things You Should Know about Youth Ministry – Cameron Cole and Jon Nielson, editors of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guideaddress some important issues regarding youth ministry.

Crisis in American Democracy – Albert Mohler writes, “For nearly two and a half centuries, Americans have enjoyed the enormous privilege and responsibility of forming our own government—a privilege rarely experienced throughout most of human history…But Americans have often struggled with a very different reality; how do we rightly respond to the government that we choose?”

The Untold Story of Olympic Champion Eric Liddell – Paul Putz writes about the life of Eric Liddell and brings up an upcoming book and movie that’s being released soon.  He writes, “With this book and the forthcoming release of a film about Liddell’s post-1924 life, the spotlight is bound to shine on Liddell with more intensity than at any time since Chariots of Fire 35 years ago.”

Wayne Grudem: “The Bible is enough.” – Wayne Grudem takes a good look at the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture and concludes – “The Bible is enough.”

5 Things The Ascension Means – Jared Wilson provides 5 good reasons why the ascension matters.

Living in the Light: Money, Sex & Power – Tim Challies reviews John Piper’s latest book, Living in the Light.

G3 Conference – The 2017 G3 Conference on the Reformation is open for registration.  You will want to make your plans to join us in Atlanta next January.  Reserve your seat today –

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