Kicking off with the annual pastors’ conference on Sunday night, the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention will gather for worship and business in Louisville, Kentucky this coming week. This is the sesquicentennial celebration of the mother Seminary of the SBC – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Unknown to many Convention attendees, there are many things to get involved with during the Convention that may fall under the radar screen if one is not paying close attention. Therefore, below are a few things that one who attends the SBC this year should place on their agenda.

1. The 2009 Pastors’ Conference: The conference will kick off the Convention happenings and will consist of a wide range of preachers. It would be worthwhile trying to arrive at the Convention early enough to take part in this conference.

2. The B21 Conference: This conference will be held at Sojourn Community Church on Tuesday during the lengthy break from the Convention. The Conference will consist of a panel of SBC leaders who will address relevant issues facing the SBC as well as discuss the future of the SBC with younger / future leaders Convention.

3. 9Marks Meeting: Monday and Tuesday at 9pm, the 9Marks ministry will present a speaker and a panel discussion to follow. Monday Dr. Mark Dever will speak. Tuesday, Dr. Danny Akin will speak. Both of these evenings look to be something worth attending.

4. Westboro Baptist Church: Last year in Indianapolis, the hate filled Westboro “Baptist Church” (the “God Hates Fags” group that often pickets homosexuals and American soldier’s funerals) showed up with their hate filled signs to protest the SBC. Many of you may recall that I had the opportunity last year as we broke for lunch to witness to the Westboro group. I would heavily encourage you to witness the true gospel of Christ to Westboro if they are present again this year. Rather than calling them names and being hateful to them – show the love of Christ to them, witness the love of Christ to them, and shower them with the blessings of Grace while they protest. Let your love be louder than their hate!  It would be hypocritical for us to sit in the conference hall and talk about missions and then not carry it out with Westboro on the streets.

5. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Sesquicentennial Address: This will take place on Wednesday following the alumni luncheon. The scheduled time for the historic address will be at 3pm in Alumni Chapel. While my schedule will not allow for me to be present for this event, I would heavily encourage anyone who can attend to be at Southern Seminary for this historic moment in the history of the SBC and the flagship seminary.

God bless you! I will see you at the SBC in Louisville!

Pastor Josh Buice

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