Each year during the Easter season it seems that the One who should be the centerpiece of the celebration is pushed aside in order to focus on a fictitious character called the Easter Bunny.  Since Easter is approaching, let us compare the work of Christ with the work of the Easter Bunny.

The Work of Christ: Jesus Christ humbled Himself and came to earth to dwell in the midst of sin, shame, and to suffer upon the criminal’s cross for our sin.  He was slapped (John 18:22), mocked (John 19:1-3), spit upon (Isaiah 50:6), His beard ripped out of his face (Isaiah 50:6), betrayed (John 18:1-5), nailed to a cross (Luke 23:33), and died for our sin (Luke 23:46).  Christ was accused of sin, but He knew no sin (2 Corinthians 5:21).  He was blamed for sin, but He was innocent.  He was rejected, despised, and murdered.  Three days after being placed in a tomb, Jesus Christ (the very Son of God) came up out of the tomb defeating death, hell, and the grave (Matthew 28:6; Mark 16:6;  Luke 24:6; John 20:16-18; Revelation 1:18).

The Work of the Easter Bunny: The Easter Bunny comes to provide us with candy, eggs, and baskets filled with goodies.  What eternal value does the Easter Bunny have for our lives?  Christ is verified with the Word of God and other historical evidences, but the Easter Bunny is merely an imaginary character.  It seems obvious that the world desires to replace Christ with a floppy eared Bunny for the purpose of denying the resurrection of Jesus Christ!  Someone said years ago, “If you want to explain away Christianity – you must explain away the empty tomb!”

Conclusion: In a world that seeks to minimize Christian celebration through secularization and materialism, we as Christians should remain focused on the goal of bringing glory to God during the season of celebration.  We cannot expect the world that worships American Idols, Hollywood stars, and musicians to actually worship our God during Easter.  Therefore, the Easter Bunny should be expected from a worldview that is not centered on Christ.  It should be the goal for all Christians to look past the fog of distractions during this time of year and truly focus on Christ and the empty tomb – the hope of all Christians!

Pastor Josh Buice

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