Evangelist David Miller Refutes False Teachers

One of the preachers who has influenced me greatly over the years is an evangelist named David Miller. He has blessed my ministry and has preached in my church in revival meetings. David Miller was used of God as a trustee on the board at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary during the conservative resurgence years ago. David Miller is a gifted expository preacher who proclaims the Word of God “line upon line” from his wheel chair. Due to a crippling disease named peroneal muscular atrophy, he has not been able to stand up to preach for over 11 years. However, even from a wheel chair, God continues to equip this man of God with the necessary mind (David Miller has a great deal of the Bible committed to memory) and energy to proclaim the Word of God and to refute heresy as he travels across the nation as an itinerant evangelist.If you can get by the misuse of the apostrophe in the wording of the sermon clip below, you will be blessed by the truth of what David Miller has to say about Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn.

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  1. We are trying to locate David Miller’s sermon series on the book of Ruth. Can anyone put us in the right place.Thank you

  2. Josh,

    I grew up in Arkansas and was privileged to hear David Miller preach in person several times (back when he was still able to stand in the pulpit with the aid of a cane). Even before I knew of Reformed Theology and the doctrines of Grace (which Bro. Miller holds so dear), I recognized the preaching of this man was vastly different from what I usually heard.

    God has greatly used him to shape many, many believers through the years. Thanks for the post. I never tire of hearing him preach.

  3. Would you kindly explain John 10: 34 to me please I am confused


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