This week, I have the privilege to be at the Ligonier National Conference with my fellow pastors.  The 2012 theme is “The Christian Mind.”  We are here to spread the word about the G3 Conference.  If you are attending the conference, stop by our booth for a discount to the G3 Conference in January.

We are leaving the booth unmanned during the sessions in order to sit under great preaching.  You can follow my quotes from the sessions here:  @JoshBuice and @G3Conference.  Below, I have complied a list of quotes from the sessions on Thursday.  Tomorrow I will have another post with quotes from today.

If you’re able to watch live – you can view it –  here.

You can also follow @Ligonier on Twitter for updates.

Ligonier Day I

R.C. Sproul – Session #1 – Have You Lost Your Mind?

“The will is the mind choosing” ~ Jonathan Edwards – quoted by R.C. Sproul #lmnc

We are living in the most anti-intellectual climate in the history of the Christian church. —R.C. Sproul #lmnc

Robert Godfrey – Session #2 – We Don’t Need No Education

One of the first things the Puritans did in New England was start a little Calvinistic college named Harvard ~ Robert Godfrey

In an America where theology is going bankrupt you don’t have an absence of theology, you just have lots of bad theology ~ Robert Godfrey #lmnc

Nothing is as arrogant as ignorance ~ Calvin -quoted by Robert Godfrey #lmnc

OPTIONAL SESSION: Parenting by God’s Promises

As an old Puritan said, “A preacher has to be a transcript of his sermon.” ~ Joel Beeke #lmnc

85% of your communication to your children should be without any negative overtones ~ Joel Beeke #lmnc

Albert Mohler – Session #3 – I’ve Got Half a Mind Too…

We are facing a knowledge emergency in our day…this…emergency can be traced all the way back to the Enlightenment ~ Albert Mohler #lmnc

There shouldn’t be anything more humbling for the Christian than contemplating the unregenerate mind ~ Albert Mohler #lmnc




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