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DBG Weekend Spotlight (3-10-17)

In the 2015 Ligonier National Conference, Dr. Alistair Begg looks at the threats of anti-intellectualism, relativism, and postmodernism, exhorting us to proclaim Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. Dr. Begg calls us away from a low view of truth to a view that... read more

If Persecution Was Legal Would You Be a Christian?

For the majority of the world, to become a Christian is at best a difficult life and in many cases it’s life threatening.  Jesus not only gave His disciples a commission, but He likewise warned them of the danger that was ahead.  Suppose that open persecution... read more

DBG Spotlight (3-8-17)

I have had the opportunity to hear many sermons by Voddie Baucham. I’ve listened to these sermons in person in conference settings, in the church where I serve as pastor, and online. This is the best sermon I’ve ever heard from Voddie Baucham, and he does... read more

The Sufficient Word for Evangelism

Yesterday, I preached from Luke 16:19-31 in a special sermon that would setup our evening evangelism series that kicked off last night.  The purpose of the sermon was to point people to the reality of death, the certainty of eternity, and to point people to the... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (3-3-17)

This September, I will be speaking in Europe during a Reformation tour along with James White.  We will be in Wittenberg only days away from the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  You should consider joining us for this study tour – one that will... read more

The Forgotten Hell

In today’s chipper church growth culture, hell has been forgotten.  It’s common to hear preaching about things that make us happy, subjects that bring delight, and sermons that result in joy. Hell doesn’t do any of that—and for that reason, hell is... read more

DBG Spotlight (3-1-17)

In the 2017 G3 Conference, Paul Washer preached on a very important subject—biblical ecclesiology.  What he says at the very beginning is extremely important and you will want to make note of it. Three Lies We Might Easily Believe — “Each lie is believable, in... read more

Mom—You Are a Theologian

The last words we have on record of the apostle Paul before he was martyred for his faith in Christ was penned to a young pastor named Timothy.  His goal was to encourage him in the work of ministry and to charge him to remain steadfast in the faith.  In order to do... read more

The Possible Warning and the Impossible Truth

Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching from Ephesians 4:30 in our series through the book of Ephesians. As we’ve been moving through the book as a church on Sunday mornings, the section spanning from Ephesians 4:17-32 is focused on living the Christian life. If... read more

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