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How We Pray for the Nations

When we consider the Great Commission found in Mathew 28:18-20, it’s apparent that God has a plan to save his people from among the nations of the world. The picture of Revelation 5 further validates this reality of a global people gathered from among the... read more

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ephesians?

How much do you know about the letter known as Ephesians? It’s one of the richest books in our Bible. William Barclay calls Ephesians “the queen of the epistles.” The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge termed this book “the divinest composition of man”... read more

Preaching with the Expectation of a Miracle

Are you a pastor or an elder who regularly gives himself to preaching the Word? Perhaps you’re an evangelist who labors in preaching. How often do you anticipate miracles when you preach? No, I’m not referring to signs and wonders, but I’m talking... read more

Have Faith in God

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to preach from Romans 4:16-21 in our morning worship service. We continued in our study of Romans together and the sermon was a continuation of Paul’s illustration of justification by faith alone in the life of Abraham.... read more

The Dangerous False Teaching of Andy Stanley

This is a guest post. Chris King serves as the Senior Pastor of Bayou View Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi. He is an Adjunct Professor of Christian Preaching for Boyce College Online. Dr. King earned his M. Div. and Ph. D. from The Southern Baptist Theological... read more

Why Is Isaiah so Important?

Years ago, a boy made one of the greatest discoveries in modern history as he was walking along a path and casting stones into a cave. The discovery was not gold or diamonds, but something of far greater value. What the boy discovered was the Dead Sea Scrolls. In... read more

What Will Be Your Inheritance?

]Yesterday I preached from Romans 4:13-15 as we continued our series through the letter penned by the apostle Paul to the church in the city of Rome. As Paul is now pointing to Abraham in chapter 4 regarding the need for justification that comes by faith alone in... read more

Jesus Died for God

We often cling to phrases, while considering Jesus’ death, that say, “When he was on the cross, I was on his mind.” That is true to a degree, but we must not forget that when Jesus was on the cross, the Father was on his mind. He came to do the will... read more

Worship at the Lord’s Table with Sorrow and Joy

When it comes to worship, there are no shortage of opinions on how it should be done. However, when it comes to worship, we must likewise remember that we have a sufficient guide in holy Scripture. Everything about how God desires to be worshipped can be found in the... read more

Lessons from Abraham’s Salvation

Yesterday, we continued our series in Romans on the Lord’s Day. I preached Romans 4:9-12 as we examined the salvation of Abraham—the forefather of the Jewish people. As we examine this man’s faith, we can learn some important and extremely applicable... read more

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