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Presumption of Guilt and the Billy Graham Rule

It has happened again.  Another sexual assault scandal has hit the news.  Just yesterday morning, co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb looked into the camera for what was a raw and emotionally tense moment to announce the termination of Matt Lauer’s... read more

DBG Spotlight (11-29-17)

One of the best questions and answers sessions that I’ve watched from the archives of Ligonier Ministries, and one that displays the classic personality of R.C. Sproul who is passionate for truth. All That Is In God — A book that you will likely not read, but... read more

Why My Family Doesn’t Do Santa

One of the most anti-Christmas things you can do as an American during the Christmas season is bypass Santa.  It does save time at the local mall as we walk past the long line of families waiting for their opportunity to pay for the awkward Santa Claus photo with... read more

Doctrine and Assurance

Yesterday I preached the text found in 1 John 5:6-12 in our ongoing series titled, “Know.”  John has a clear agenda through his letter as he desires for the Christians to have solid assurance of their salvation.  John repeatedly uses vocabulary in... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (11-24-17)

In the 2017 G3 Conference, Paul Washer preached on the subject, “The Ever-Present Danger of Apostasy.”  You can hear his sermon in full below.  Note, you can also find all of the archives of the G3 Conference on the G3 app—available for free in the app... read more

Disagreeing with George Muller Is Not a Sin

There are many people throughout church history who provide us with helpful examples of what it means to live by faith.  One of those men stands head and shoulders above many—and his name is George Muller.  Known in his town of Bristol, England as Muller, he was known... read more

DBG Spotlight (11-22-17)

The following sermon by D. A. Carson is from the 2017 G3 Conference.  Are you registered for the 2018 G3? The Fragrance of Grace – Samuel Rutherford — You will want to check out this resource. The Art of Godliness, Episode 10: Social Media — There is some good wisdom... read more

Questions to Ask Before You Join a Local Church

Two of the most important decisions you will make this side of eternity involve who you marry and what church you join.  One is certainly more permanent than the other, but both are vitally important and should not be viewed as disposable decisions.  Are you planning... read more

Saving Faith Produces Victorious Living

Yesterday I had the privilege to preach the passage found in 1 John 5:1-5 in our ongoing series titled “KNOW.”  John is passionate about leading people to find assurance of their faith in Christ.  However, in doing so, he is likewise committed to pointing... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (11-17-17)

In this video, James White explains the core doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).  This is a helpful explanation, especially in our day when people are trying to embrace Mormons as another denomination of Christianity. And so-and-so... read more

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