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DBG Weekend Spotlight (6-9-17)

In December of 2016, John MacArthur fielded questions in the chapel service at The Master’s Seminary. I find these Q&A sessions helpful to learn and discern regarding ministry and discipleship. Is a “Churchless Christian” an Oxymoron? — “As Christians... read more

3 Things Required for Discipleship

Whoever said discipleship was easy was misinformed.  Paul refers to the work of discipleship as a “struggle” in Colossians 2:1-3.  The process of making disciples and discipling disciples is a difficult work, but it’s what Jesus has commissioned us... read more

DBG Spotlight (6-7-17)

How does church growth take place and what role does discipleship play in this process?  Mark Dever explains this process in a very helpful manner. 9 Ways to Raise Up Leaders in Your Church — Some really helpful words from Mark Dever on discipleship. Bring the... read more

What Is the Bible? — A Review of Rob Bell’s New Book

Back in 2011, a book titled Love Wins made a big splash in the evangelical world and beyond.  The author, Rob Bell, who was serving as a pastor at the time, made some very troubling statements that shed some light on his unorthodox theological positions.  The result... read more

The Church’s Prayer

Yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to preach from Matthew 6:5-15 on the subject of the church’s prayer.  We are currently studying the subject of prayer in our Sunday school classes, so the point of the sermon was to reinforce what we’re learning in... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (6-2-17)

The Reformation battle cry was about bringing the Word of God out of darkness as it had been hidden away in a dark dungeon by the Roman Catholic Church.  Derek Thomas’ sermon titled, “Before Light, Darkness” is really good and worthy of your time.... read more

3 Ways Social Media Is Helping Your Local Church

Earlier in the week, I wrote an article titled, “3 Ways Social Media Is Hurting Your Local Church.”  In that particular article, I focused on the negative aspects of digital life that actually causes us to be less social than we realize.  Today, I want to... read more

DBG Spotlight (5-31-17)

A few years ago, Justin Peters led a session on the spiritual and biblical errors of the Word of Faith movement.  You will find this session helpful. Descartes and the Anatomy of Doubt — “Spiritus sanctus non est skepticus—’The Holy Spirit is not a... read more

3 Ways Social Media Is Hurting Your Local Church

With more than 3.26 billion internet users, it’s likely that everyone in your church is connected online in some way.  In fact, globally 52% of all internet users access the internet world from a mobile device.  That makes the internet a good vehicle to deliver... read more

We Are Slaves to a Higher Master

Yesterday I was privileged to preach from Ephesians 6:5-9 as we continue to press on toward the end of our series through Ephesians.  As Paul provided practical instruction on how to live in holy and Christ-honoring relationships in the family, at this point he begins... read more

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