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Three Types of Pastors Who Hinder the Church

Over the last two weeks, I have been writing a short series on different types of people who help and hinder the local church. Today, I want to focus on the leaders. While the local church is absolutely necessary for the journey of faith, it’s not exactly... read more

DBG Spotlight (5-9-18)

The 2019 G3 Conference will be centered on the subject of missions. The theme is titled, “The Mission of God: A Biblical Understanding of Missions.” Will you join us in January? The short video below will help explain the emphasis, and I hope you can join... read more

Three Types of People Who Help the Church

There is not a perfect church in all of the world.  We can’t expect to find one this side of heaven.  However, we must be consistently reminded of our need for the local church.  Just as nobody ever makes it to the summit of Mt. Everest alone, God has not willed... read more

Praying Through Philippians

Last night, we gathered for our evening service and we did something that we don’t typically do for worship or a regular prayer service. We gathered for prayer and we read through the entire letter of Philippians with specific congregational prayers at the... read more

Three Types of People Who Hinder the Church

The local church is God’s will for his people. God never saved anyone and sent them on a journey to the heaven as a lone ranger. We need the local church as we journey onward. We must strive to see the privilege of membership in a local church and come to value it far... read more

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Jesus?

How much do you know about Jesus? Take time to answer these 20 questions and then send it to your friends to see how well they can do. Taking time to think about Jesus and how much you know about him is a healthy way to evaluate what you’re learning and how... read more

Be Reconciled to God

Last night, while here in Ecuador to teach pastors and church leaders on the doctrine of the church, I was asked to preach for a church plant in Tambo. I have been praying, reading, and working through a specific text for the 2019 G3 Conference found in 2 Corinthians... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (4-27-18)

Listen as Pastor Tungpi from Myanmar provides a testimony on why he attends the G3 Conference. You can reserve your seat at G3Conference.com. Working and Worshiping — “In the gospels we meet two sisters who became close friends with Jesus during His public... read more

Why You Can’t Support Abortion and Obey Jesus

The most famous sermon ever recorded in the history of humanity is the “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthew 5-7. In this text, we find the greatest sermon from the greatest preacher, from the most astute theologian, from the most capable scholar, and we should... read more

DBG Spotlight (4-25-18)

The first time I heard John Piper’s name was when he walked out onto the stage at Passion’s One Day event in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000. I was one of the college students sitting in the field on that day. Initially, I rejected the message as a bit over the... read more

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