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I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Yesterday morning, in our series through Romans, I was able to preach the first of two sermons on Romans 1:16. The focus of the sermon was the reality of Paul’s love for the gospel bringing him to openly rejoice and promote it in the face of persecution and... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (3-2-18)

In the 2018 G3 Conference, my sermon was from Titus 2—”The Church is Ground-Zero for Discipleship.” It was my goal to point out the need for the local church and to remind everyone that Paul never charged Titus with organizing a Christian parachurch... read more

How Pornography Insults God

One of the greatest scandals of human existence is pornography. Many people believe that pornography was invented in modern times, but in all reality, pornography began in ages past and has only snowballed its way into magazines, movies, and smart phones in these last... read more

DBG Spotlight (2-28-18)

All sessions from the 2018 G3 Conference as slowly appearing on the G3 YouTube channel. You can now watch this great conversation between James White and Michael Kruger on the biblical canon. God’s Love for Pastors — “The more young pastors I speak with, the... read more

Learning to Avoid Ditches in Discipleship

To be a Christian involves learning. We were created to be learners. In fact, to be a disciple of Jesus means to be a learner and a follower. Without learning, you can’t be a Christian in the first place and you can’t be an ongoing follower of Jesus. As we... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (2-22-18)

In this short video, Paul Washer explains that there’s a lack of holiness in most evangelical churches. You will find his assessment helpful as we honestly consider moving forward with a goal to know and worship a holy God. Did Archaeologists Just Prove the... read more

Holy, Holy, Holy

When you hear the word “holy” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of purity and perfection. When it comes to the holiness of God, we need to think of distinctness and separation. While the word holiness encompasses the idea of perfection and purity—it... read more

DBG Spotlight (2-21-18)

As you may know, R.C. Sproul is known for his book on the holiness of God and his teaching ministry often directed people to that particular subject. Take time to listen to him teach on the holiness and justice of God. Which Country Sends the [Second] Most... read more

The Doctrine of Election Kills Pride

When it comes to the doctrine of election, it’s clear that it’s controversial. We debate it. We write books about it. We talk about it. We preach sermons on it. We sometimes divide over it.  Do you find it odd that Paul began his letter to the church in Rome by... read more

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