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DBG Weekend Spotlight (10-6-17)

October 31st will prove to be an important day for at least two reasons—the historic 500th anniversary of the Reformation and secondly, the rates for the 2018 G3 Conference will increase at midnight.  Go ahead and form your groups, save the date, and make your... read more

A Song for the Church in Seasons of Fear

Music is medicinal for the the troubled soul.  When King Saul was troubled, he would have David play the harp as a means of soothing his weary soul.  When we find ourselves going through trials and seasons of terror—the people of God should turn to the songs of... read more

DBG Spotlight (10-4-17)

Todd Friel covers “Ten point test to know you are a Christian…or not.” Not only is this important, but so is the announcement just below this video. Wretched Radio and TV — The Wretched team with Todd Friel announced this Monday that all of their radio and... read more

Why Your Positive Thoughts Are Not Helping Anyone

Early yesterday morning, I awoke to the news of a tragic shooting that took place in Las Vegas.  While the full details of this tragedy are still being gathered at this time, what we do know is that this shooting at a music festival on Sunday night will go down as the... read more

Three Marks of a True Christian

Yesterday, after returning from a lengthy ministry trip to Europe, I was privileged to be reunited with our local church for corporate worship.  I preached from 1 John 3:11-24 in our ongoing series titled, “Know.”  As you know, John the apostle used the... read more

Luther and Discipleship

This past week, I spent eight days tracing the steps of Martin Luther on a Reformation 500 tour. As I read, studied, and prepared for the tour over the past year, I focused on the big events and important facts of Luther and the Protestant Reformation. As with any... read more

A Proper Study of History Should Increase Your Balance

For the last several days, I’ve had the privilege to walk the streets and visit historic sites from the historic Reformation era.  I’ve had opportunities to lecture and preach in various locations such as the church in Eisleben where Luther preached his... read more

Paul the Gospel Gladiator

Over the past two days, my wife and I have logged many miles over the cobblestone roads of Rome, Italy.  During our time in Rome, we have managed to hit all of the historic sites on our personal list—including the majestic Sistine Chapel that was in progress by... read more

Interview: Justin Peters

I recently had the privilege to connect with Justin Peters for a short interview regarding his conversion, ministry focus, and thoughts on the prosperity (Word-Faith) movement.  You can hear the full interview below and you can find out more about Justin Peters and... read more

Valley Gospel Alliance

In recent days I spoke with Anthony Mathenia about a new conference he is organizing in Virginia for the local churches in his area.  If you live in the area or surrounding regions—you should check it out. How long have you been a pastor of a local church? After... read more

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