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DBG Spotlight Weekend Edition (11-2-18)

Voddie Baucham preached in the 2018 G3 Conference on the subject, “The Heart of Discipleship.” You will want to carve out time to listen to this sermon and then consider making your plans to join us this January by registering at G3Conference.com.... read more

Help the Church Worship Through Song with Excellence

Many people may not realize this fact, but before the Reformation worship was dead and lifeless. It was through the Reformation that congregational singing was reintroduced in the life of the local church. Today, over five hundred years after the Reformation a... read more

Reformation Day Offer

Today marks the 501st anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. As we consider the importance of our place in history and how this movement has shaped us personally and how we worship corporately—the G3 Conference has a great offer for you to consider as you make... read more

Do Not Invite Jesus to Your Divorce Party

In 2016, a total of 827,261 divorces were concluded in the United States. According to the best numbers we have today, approximately 45% of all marriages end in divorce. No matter how you slice and dice the numbers, divorce impacts many homes and continues to divide... read more

Christ as our Savior

Yesterday I preached from Romans 5:9-11 in our series through Romans. The focus of the text was on Jesus Christ as our Savior. In the previous text (Romans 5:6-8) we explored Jesus as our substitute. In this rich section of Romans, we see the work of Christ in... read more

DBG Spotlight Weekend Edition (10-26-18)

In this short video, you will hear Robert Plummer (Greek professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) explain the meaning of Apocrypha. Is expositional preaching the best way to preach? — “God’s word — more than the cleverness of the preacher — is far... read more

Quiz on the Reformation

Every October people observe what is widely called, “Halloween” on October 31st. Something of great significance happened on October 31st in 1517 as Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg. How much do you know about the... read more

DBG Spotlight (10-24-18)

At the 2018 G3 Conference, James White and Michael Kruger talked about the biblical canon. You will enjoy this conversation. The State of Theology in the United Kingdom — “Since 2014, we have taken the theological temperature of the United States in The State of... read more

American Gospel

A new documentary has been released with the title, “American Gospel: Christ Alone.” The film maker is Brandon Kimber, and in this film, he seeks to reveal how confused America is regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ—specifically as it pertains to health,... read more

Christ our Substitute

In our series through Romans, I was privileged to preach Romans 5:6-8 as we focused on the fact that Jesus died as our substitute. He didn’t die a generic death for a generic group of people, instead, he died a specific death in the place of his sheep. He became... read more

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