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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

The world around us is broken and filled with sin. We are surrounded by human depravity at every level (from childhood relationships to political leaders). Yet, we long for the day when God will make all things new and our broken world will be renewed, changed, and... read more

Why Do I Feel Spiritually Dry?

Seasons of spiritual drought seize the heart and mind of Christians—far too often without notice. It’s often through a busy time of life that a person comes to the realization that they’re spiritually dry and in need of revival. What caused it? Was it the... read more

The Resurrected Life

Yesterday as we continued in our series through Romans, I was able to preach Romans 6:8-11. As Paul explained the reality of the believer’s death in Christ (we are crucified with Christ) and subsequent burial, he goes on to explain the meaning of what it means... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

You will be greatly blessed by the sermon from Paul Washer in the 2017 G3 Conference. Christmas Quiz: How Much Do You Know? — A quiz about Christmas and the doctrine of the incarnation. Can you score a perfect score on this one? Lauren Daigle’s Comments, Ed Shaw’s... read more

Christmas Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

As we are in full swing of Christmas festivities, what exactly is Christmas about? How much do you know about Jesus’ birth? Take time to answer these questions and share it with your friends to see how well they... read more

The Unicorn Category: Carnal Christianity

How many thousands of people have repeated a prayer and publicly announced that they were a follower of Jesus Christ only to fall away back into the world? The answer to that question cannot be fully comprehended. Many estimate the number of false Christians to far... read more

United with Christ

Yesterday in our Romans series, I preached from Romans 6:5-7 on the subject of our union with Christ. Considered by many theologians as one of the central doctrines of the gospel—our union with Christ is essential for our position and our life of freedom. Without our... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-1-18)

Election and missions are connected at the core and we must be reminded that the doctrine of election never hinders the mission of God. Will Christians Who Have Been Forgiven Answer for Their Sins in Judgment? — This is a good subject to consider and many miss the... read more

Helpful Habits for Spiritual Health

I recall walking into my father’s room as a boy and seeing him sitting in the bed reading his Bible. It was his custom to read in the evening just prior to going off to sleep. When we traveled together, I recall him reading his Bible in the hotel room in the... read more

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