Paul Washer on Preaching…

The postmodern man, who prefers a bit more humility and openness to other viewpoints, considers a passionate preacher who proclaims the truth boldly and unapologetically to be an obstacle.  The majority argument is that we simply must change the way we preach because it just looks foolish to the world.


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  1. I proclaim the gospel to nonbelievers and call to repentance. I have friends though who have turned to the westborough baptist church style of talking to nonbelievers. They admire Paul Washer and use him to substantiate their methods. Could Paul please comment on whether we should consider Westborough methods worth immitating or is it motivated by hatred and false accusation or something else?

    • Michael – I’m fairly certain I could answer for Paul on this issue, but I would recommend you reaching out to him on the HeartCry website.


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