Saturday morning we had “Christmas day” for our daughter Karis. Since we live 6.5 hours away from our family, we wanted to do our own family Christmas prior to the travel time next week. Therefore, she woke up and we had her presents filling the living room. We had a birthday party for Jesus complete with presents, balloons, and birthday cake (for breakfast). After the presents were opened, I looked at Kari and said, “Where is Santa Claus?” My wife smiled and said, “I guess in the North Pole.” At that moment, I realized that we had experienced a wonderful morning whereby Jesus was exalted rather than a jolly old man with a white beard. I was rather pleased.As I stop to consider the gift of Christ during this time of year, I find myself overwhelmed with joy in my heart. The greatest gift ever given was by God to mankind – the gift of Christ Jesus – our Lord! Below are four reasons to celebrate Christ this Christmas.Celebrate the Giving of ChristGod gave us His Son! To fully understand this truth is impossible. How could a perfect and Holy God give His Son to die for wretched sinners? It does not make sense. That is why the gospel is a stumbling block to the world. It stumps the intellects of humanity!  How could a wonderful and glorious God give filthy sinners His Son in the form of a blood sacrifice?  Christ is the greatest gift ever given!Celebrate the Birth of ChristThe birth of Christ was unlike any other birth. It was a divine and supernatural event whereby the Christ of God came forth from a virgin’s womb. Nobody has ever been born in such a way in the history of humanity. Although others have literally been born in barns, cars, on the side of the highway, or even in airplanes – nobody has ever been born of a virgin except Jesus the Christ!Celebrate the Death of ChristOften we celebrate the birth of Christ, but is it truly possible to celebrate the birth without considering the death? The purpose of the birth of Christ was for Him to die on the cross for our sin. From the cradle in Bethlehem to the Cross of Calvary – the same purpose was being fulfilled. Jesus said, “…for this cause came I unto this hour (John 12:27).” It was a horrible hour indeed. The death of Christ was full of pain and agony, but it was the divine purpose of His miraculous birth. While others have died on the cross in the same manner, none have died in the same way! It was the only time that God placed on a man the sins of humanity.Celebrate the Resurrection of ChristThe resurrection of Christ should not receive a “back seat” treatment in the celebration of the gospel. His resurrection is proof positive that He is who He claimed to be – the Son of God. Yes, others have been raised from the dead, but none like Christ. He came forth from the tomb as the risen Savior – not just a man. Yes, He was fully man, but not just man. He was fully man and fully God at the same time – and when He came forth from the tomb it was a statement of truth, victory, and hope!May this Christmas be a celebration of the gospel in your hearts and homes – for the glory of God!Rev. Josh Buice