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Why We Are Returning to a Hymnal

Over the last couple of years, I have written on the subject of singing and the importance of corporate worship through song. As it relates to our local church, we want to be good stewards of tools such as technology and other resources that we have at our disposal.... read more

Ethnic Pragmatism

The classic definition of pragmatism is simply, “if it works, do it.” That has been the motto for many years within evangelical church growth circles. Entire conferences and seminars have been dedicated to the methods of building a church in a specific... read more

Make Your Resolutions in 2019 Count for God’s Glory

You cannot build a powerful legacy for God’s glory overnight, but you can certainly tear one apart overnight. As you begin thinking about the need to set goals, patterns, commitments, priorities, and yes—resolutions for the New Year, consider how one man did so... read more

Missions and the Local Church

In our modern and urbane culture, we often forget that the world is vastly unreached with the gospel. In an age of technological advancement and expanding connectivity through Internet, social media platforms, and social devices—there is a massive population around... read more

The Greatest Birth Announcement

When Jesus was born, it was nothing short of extraordinary. For one, he was conceived by a virgin girl. How does this happen? Furthermore, he was born in a stable and laid in a manger—a place that would have been dirty and filled with the stench of animal waste. To... read more

The Fulfilled Prophecy

Yesterday I preached from Matthew 1:18-25 and pointed to how Jesus is the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy. Not only is he the fulfillment—as we see in this text he is the Savior of sinners who brings joy to the world. Isaiah’s hope was for a day in which... read more

Is a Plurality of Elders Necessary in the Local Church?

Is it absolutely necessary for the freedom and vitality of the United States for a president to lead the people? While there may be many opinions on that very subject, it would not be necessary for our nation to be led by a president. If our nation decided to change... read more

Words Matter Because Meaning Matters

Many things are important in life, and when assessing the value of material and immaterial things—we must not forget the immense value of words. Consider how people fight over the meaning of terms found in the Constitution of the United States of America. At times,... read more

The Prophecy of Hope

Yesterday, I preached from Isaiah 9:6 as we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus Christ and the hope we have in the gospel. In this short verse, we see massive statements about Jesus Christ that provide reasons to rejoice and be glad in our God! The prophet Isaiah was... read more

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

The world around us is broken and filled with sin. We are surrounded by human depravity at every level (from childhood relationships to political leaders). Yet, we long for the day when God will make all things new and our broken world will be renewed, changed, and... read more

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