DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

You will be greatly blessed by the sermon from Paul Washer in the 2017 G3 Conference.

Christmas Quiz: How Much Do You Know? — A quiz about Christmas and the doctrine of the incarnation. Can you score a perfect score on this one?

Lauren Daigle’s Comments, Ed Shaw’s Views, Steven Anderson on Hebrews 2:9 — James White discusses some important matters – one of which includes Lauren Daigle’s comments regarding homosexuality.

Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables? — Parables are important, but why did Jesus teach with this genre?

What Does a Holy Man or Woman Look Like? — “What are some key characteristics of someone who is truly walking and growing in holiness? The following video touches on three qualities of personal holiness for which every Christian should long and strive.”

Bethlehem’s Supernatural Star — John Piper looks at an important fact pertaining to the drama of Jesus’ birth.

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-1-18)

Election and missions are connected at the core and we must be reminded that the doctrine of election never hinders the mission of God.

Will Christians Who Have Been Forgiven Answer for Their Sins in Judgment? — This is a good subject to consider and many miss the point altogether.

On the Death of John Allen Chau — Tim Challies provides some helpful thoughts on the death of a missionary who has everyone evaluating and discussing Christian missions.

Advent: Hope and Fear — “Inside the human heart there is a powerful connection between hope and fear. As expectancy increases, so does fear. The more we put our hope in something, the more we fear its possible failure.”

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Social Justice and the Gospel, Part 1” — This is a good sermon by John MacArthur pointing out the deficiencies of the social justice movement.

Social Justice and the Gospel — Take a moment to read through the resources found on the website for The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. If you haven’t yet signed it, take time to read the articles and add your name to the growing list.

The Life and ministry of an Air Force Chaplain — This is an interview of a chaplain who serves in the military. It will give you a glimpse into that life and provide you an opportunity to pray for him and others like him.

Nine companies will compete to help NASA astronauts return to the moon — In other news, the moon is back in view as NASA prepares for another trip, but the process will be an unconventional one.

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

DBG Spotlight (11-21-18)

As we prepare for the end of 2018 and enter the Thanksgiving / Christmas season, you need to make your plans to join us for the 2019 G3 Conference. Details and registration options can be found at G3Conference.com. Also, don’t forget about the G3 Spanish event (Conferencia G3 en Espanol) — ConferenciaG3.com.

Are We Really in Danger of Making an Idol of the Family? — “The idolatry of the family can be a real problem, either from the church that ignores singles and gears everything toward married couples with children, or from the individual whose practical commitments underscore the unfortunate reality that blood is usually thicker than theology.”

How quickly we lose our Thanksgiving — “This Thanksgiving you can be thankful because Christ has made it possible for us to not only avoid suffering the consequences of our sin, but, instead, to partake in His inheritance for eternity.”

Gifts that Keep On Giving — “I love giving gifts. I also love books. So, I thought I’d put them together and share ten of my favorite books to give as gifts.”

The Theology of Thanksgiving — “As with many holidays, Thanksgiving is deeply rooted in Christian theology and practice. In the hearts and homes of the redeemed, the focus of Thanksgiving must not be on traditions or limited to a single day in late November. For us, giving thanks is to be a deeply spiritual exercise that naturally flows from a transformed heart.”

I Already Have Logos. Is Upgrading Just Buying It Again? — You need to consider the new Logos upgrade.

Duggar Family Discovers Kid They Forget They Even Had In Couch Cushions — This made be chuckle a bit this morning.

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

DBG Spotlight (11-14-18)

Check out this short explanation by Dwain Atkinson on why he returns to the G3 Conference. Will you be joining us this January? Reserve your seat by visiting G3Conference.com.

My Suffering Has Not Defined Me — When going through seasons of suffering, it’s tempting to allow such suffering to overwhelm and define you. What does the Bible teach?

Spiritual Drifters — “Don’t let your ego make you a spiritual drifter, unclaimed and useless to the Universal Church of Jesus Christ.”

What Is Hypostatic Union? — “If we want people to accept Christ as their Lord and savior and experience the life-changing forgiveness and love he offers, we need to be able to tell them about who is offering that salvation. It’s God in the flesh.”

The Missionary Fellowship of William Carey, New from Michael Haykin and Reformation Trust — You will want to get your hands on this new resource about William Carey by Michael Haykin.

6 Resources That Will Help You Learn Greek and Hebrew — Some good resource through Logos to assist in your Greek and Hebrew language studies.


DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

DBG Spotlight (11-6-18)

In a couple of months, we will gather in Atlanta for the 2019 G3 Conference on the theme of missions. Listen to the testimony of Kofi explain why he attends the G3 and you should consider it as well.

8 Reminders Before You Comment on Social Media — Some good advice to consider regarding your online interaction and habits.

Apostasy and How it Happens — “Yes, apostasy happens. Sometimes the catalyst is flagrant sin. The pain of conviction and repentance is refused, and the only alternative to it is wholesale rejection of Christ. But sometimes the catalyst is a thorn growing quietly in the heart, an indifference to the way of the Cross, a drifting that is not reversed by the knowledge of biblical warnings.”

What Is the Gospel? — R.C. Sproul on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Episode 63: On The Pastor and Pornography (with Garrett Kell) — “In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Garrett Kell shares his own past struggles with pornography, and offers counsel to pastors who are currently hiding secret sin.”

Voting, Racialism, TGC Article, Chesterton’s Romanism in a Jumbo DL — James White covers a variety of topics related to election day and more.

The Statement on SJ&G Explained: Article 10, Sexuality and Marriage — “The source of all of this chaos–chaos that is damaging to human happiness and flourishing? As the Statement puts it, it is a refusal to “honor the image-bearing character of human sexuality as created by God.” Our secular age has rejected the Creator and therefore has no room for “image-bearing” or transcendent value or objective truth.”



DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-18)

DBG Spotlight Weekend Edition (11-2-18)

Voddie Baucham preached in the 2018 G3 Conference on the subject, “The Heart of Discipleship.” You will want to carve out time to listen to this sermon and then consider making your plans to join us this January by registering at G3Conference.com.

The Statement on SJ&G Explained: Article 9, Heresy (Justin Peters) — The latest in the series of explanatory articles on the Statement on Social Justice.

Download Post Tenebras Lux: A Symphonic Celebration of the Protestant Reformation — If you appreciate quality music and skilled arrangements you will love this.

What’s Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel? — Tim Challies answers questions about the prosperity gospel in Ecuador.

Episode 62: On How to Prepare a Church to Practice Discipline — If one of the marks of an authentic church is the practice of biblical church discipline, you would do well to consider what that looks like in the life of your local church.

Is the Reformation Over? — R.C. Sprout answers the question.

5 Reasons You’ll Love the New Logos 8 Libraries — If you enjoy Logos (like me), you will want to look into Logos 8.

Most “Nones” (& Lots of Christians) Believe in New Age Religion — This is proof positive of the need for solid biblical teaching.