In this clip provided by Todd Friel and Wretched, Phil Johnson points to the “tone police” in the local church today who want every preacher to deliver soft messages.

The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church — Tim Challies writes, “This passage does, indeed, warn of the serious consequences of skipping church, but its focus is not what we might expect through our Western, individualized eyes. This passage does not warn us that when we skip church we put ourselves at risk. Rather, it warns us that when we skip church we put other people at risk. The first sin of skipping church is the sin of failing to love others.”

Timeline of Luther’s Life — This is a brief and helpful overview of Luther’s life.

Christian Focus on the Reformation — Some helpful books from a noteworthy publisher on the subject of the Reformation.  This year is a good year to beef up your knowledge of church history.

Dear Wormwood . . . — “We must make sure to keep these pastors naïve—on the one hand, assuming no one could possibly be an enemy from within. On the other hand, we must make sure that the pastor becomes defensive and overly protective, viewing everyone as his enemy. This will lead him to trust no one and to take on his work of the ministry alone.”

Profanity and politics — The trend is increasing, but what is the root cause?

INC Debate Review, P&P Controversy — James White reviews the recent debate on the Trinity and more.

Google tweaks Search to help combat ‘fake news’ — As you know, the “fake news” saga continues to alter what we receive as truth, so Google responds.

Amber Mobility to launch self-driving service in the Netherlands by 2018 — The future of technology and travel’s inevitable intersection is getting closer to a reality.

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