In 2014, after speaking at Cairn University, Alistair Begg sat down for a conversation with Jonathan Master, Dean of the School of Divinty.

Wednesday @ Westminster: What are the Decrees of God? – “In summary, the Catechism teaches us that the decrees of God are his plan and his purpose for all things. As believers, we need to spend time meditating upon the past—even eternity. One place in Scripture we read of these decrees for “whatsoever comes to pass in time” is Ephesians 1:4–11.”

Cowardice, Courage, and the Death of Cranmer – “Four hundred sixty years ago, on March 21, 1556, a crowd of curious spectators packed University Church in Oxford, England. They were there to witness the public recantation of one of the most well-known English Reformers, a man named Thomas Cranmer.”

Best New Testament Commentaries: A Logos Collection – Logos Bible Software is offering a 60% discount on the bundle package of 21 NT commentaries recommended by Tim Challies.

Is Complementarian Theology the Root of Domestic Abuse? – Melissa Kruger writes, “I long for the day when our local churches are places where abusers repent and victims heal—and, even more, where abuse doesn’t happen in the first place. If Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife is not going to help us do this—and ultimately I don’t think it does—I eagerly await a thoughtful contribution from someone else.”

6 Lessons I Learned From Writing Weekly Columns for Four Years – Barnabas Piper writes, “ast week I turned in my final article for World. I am grateful for the chance to write for them and for the opportunities it afforded. But I am especially thankful for the writing lessons I learned over four years and two hundred and twenty articles.”

Ehang 184 Human-carrying Drone – The first human-carrying drone is now here.  It can be yours for $250k.  Although I think it’s really progressive and exciting, I think I will be extremely late in adapting to this method of transportation.

Interview by Kevin Boling on Knowing the Truth Radio program – Yesterday, I was interviewed by Kevin Boling on his radio program about my article on Andy Stanley.

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