This past Sunday, August 16th, 2015 – a Scottish man claiming to be a prophet ascended the steps in Grace Community Church and openly rebuked John MacArthur for his doctrine of cessationism.  One video from a member holding a smart phone was released quickly, and later a video from the ministry of Grace Community Church was likewise released.  John MacArthur demonstrated a quick wit and pastoral sensitivity as he explained to the congregation what had just happened.

Tennessee courts reverse ban on ‘mother’ and ‘father’ – A recent controversy has been brewing over replacing the title “mother” and “father” with “parent 1” and “parent 2.”  Tennessee has now reversed the ban, for the time being, and called for a review of the issue.  We can all expect to see more news like this as the LGBT agenda continues to muddy the waters of human sexuality in America.

Ten Things to Remember as the Presidential Campaign Season Gets Into Full Swing – Kevin DeYoung offers up some helpful advice as we enter into the dirty season of presidential politics.  He writes, “He (or she) cannot unilaterally fix the environment or schools or roads, let alone your marriage or your sense of being underappreciated in life. Let’s be realistic.”

Something Greater Than Marriage – Rosaria Butterfield’s response to the SCOTUS is worthy of your time.  It’s short, but it packs a big punch.

The Bible Project – You will want to bookmark this ministry and perhaps stay connected with them through social media (FB | YouTube).  This non-profit ministry is focused on teaching the Bible through motion graphics.  Below you will see their Exodus overview.  Having just completed a lengthy series through Exodus, I was impressed.  I noticed a few things that I would not agree with in a couple of their videos that I’ve viewed, but just as with reading books – you watch with discernment and evaluate through the biblical lens.  These videos have great potential for teaching children.

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