Election and missions are connected at the core and we must be reminded that the doctrine of election never hinders the mission of God.

Will Christians Who Have Been Forgiven Answer for Their Sins in Judgment? — This is a good subject to consider and many miss the point altogether.

On the Death of John Allen Chau — Tim Challies provides some helpful thoughts on the death of a missionary who has everyone evaluating and discussing Christian missions.

Advent: Hope and Fear — “Inside the human heart there is a powerful connection between hope and fear. As expectancy increases, so does fear. The more we put our hope in something, the more we fear its possible failure.”

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Social Justice and the Gospel, Part 1” — This is a good sermon by John MacArthur pointing out the deficiencies of the social justice movement.

Social Justice and the Gospel — Take a moment to read through the resources found on the website for The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. If you haven’t yet signed it, take time to read the articles and add your name to the growing list.

The Life and ministry of an Air Force Chaplain — This is an interview of a chaplain who serves in the military. It will give you a glimpse into that life and provide you an opportunity to pray for him and others like him.

Nine companies will compete to help NASA astronauts return to the moon — In other news, the moon is back in view as NASA prepares for another trip, but the process will be an unconventional one.

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