You will be greatly blessed by the sermon from Paul Washer in the 2017 G3 Conference.

Christmas Quiz: How Much Do You Know? — A quiz about Christmas and the doctrine of the incarnation. Can you score a perfect score on this one?

Lauren Daigle’s Comments, Ed Shaw’s Views, Steven Anderson on Hebrews 2:9 — James White discusses some important matters – one of which includes Lauren Daigle’s comments regarding homosexuality.

Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables? — Parables are important, but why did Jesus teach with this genre?

What Does a Holy Man or Woman Look Like? — “What are some key characteristics of someone who is truly walking and growing in holiness? The following video touches on three qualities of personal holiness for which every Christian should long and strive.”

Bethlehem’s Supernatural Star — John Piper looks at an important fact pertaining to the drama of Jesus’ birth.

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