Over six years ago, I penned an article titled, “Private Accusations Against Your Pastor Is a Sin.”  As you can tell by the title, the article is about the dangers of receiving private accusations against a pastor that wasn’t based on the biblical model of Matthew 18 and substantiated on the basis of two or three witnesses.  The fact is, many people are constantly looking to discredit the ministry of a pastor perhaps on the basis of evil intent or jealousy.  John Calvin writes:

As soon as any charge is made against ministers of the Word, it is believed as surely and firmly as if it had been already proved.  This happens not only because a higher standard of integrity is required from them, but because Satan makes most people, in fact nearly everyone, overcredulous so that without investigation, they eagerly condemn their pastors whose good name they ought to be defending. [1]

Over these six years, I’ve received countless heartbreaking letters from people who are confused about what to do in very difficult circumstances related to pastors who are living in sin.  Likewise, my article sits on top of the first page on Google for the search phrase, “How to accuse your pastor of sin.”  After receiving another letter yesterday about this very subject, I thought it would be good to revisit this article.  As we consider the importance of protecting the office of an elder, we must likewise consider the importance of confronting the elder who persists in sin.  Faithfulness on both sides of the equation is necessary.

Read the full article here – “Private Accusations Against Your Pastor Is a Sin

1.  Calvin’s Commentaries, Vol. 10, 263.

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