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Applying a Big God Theology to Your Life During Trials

hen you first come across the theology of God's absolute sovereignty over all things—it's like you see the world through new eyes. Every page of Scripture, as you turn it, it's as if the truth of the bigness of God leaps off the pages. Soon enough,...

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Is a Particular Lived Experience Necessary?

he social justice train continues to roll through evangelicalism, and one of the core tenets of this ideology is an elevation of lived experience. Proponents of the social justice movement are pressing the idea that a particular lived experience is...

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Do Not Miss the Theology of the Song

ne of the great ways we're called to worship God is by singing. All through the Old Testament, we find passages where God's people are called to sing to the LORD. In Psalm 9:11, we find these words, "Sing praises to the LORD, who sits enthroned in...

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The Work of the Word in Worship

he world is filled with manuals for almost everything imaginable. We have manuals for vehicle repair, lawn equipment operation, and computer usage. So, when it comes to the worship of God, we have a sufficient manual in the sacred Scriptures that...

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By What Standard?

oday a big announcement is being made by Founders Ministries regarding a very important documentary that chronicles the story of how we've arrived at the very juncture of the modern downgrade of the SBC. I want to explain why this is so important...

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Biblical Complementarianism Serves to Protect Women

n recent days, a debate has been resurrected within evangelicalism on whether or not women should preach the Bible to the gathered church. The lines are often divided between complementarianism and egalitarianism. Both are complicated words that...

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