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Knowledge without Zeal

Unless a person comes to the knowledge of the truth by God’s sovereign grace, he will be forever lost in his unbelief (1 Tim. 2:4; 2 Tim. 2:25). So it was with an Augustinian monk named Martin Luther. As Luther focused on Romans 1:17, God caused a divine ray of grace... read more

How to Choose a Good Church

This past Sunday, we had two guests who drove a good distance to be with us for worship. One drove from the Stone Mountain area while the other drove from Lagrange, Georgia—both are right about one hour from our church campus. As they discussed their situations, each... read more

Ministry Is Not For Sissies

A question was submitted for the 2019 G3 Conference questions & answers session that asked the following question: “I’m a young man who is preparing for pastoral ministry in the local church. As a seminary student, what counsel would you give to me as I... read more

Do You Have an Epaphras?

Every church would do well to have one, but far too often they labor in secret and are seldom recognized, but how beneficial it is for a church to have a man who labors in prayer on behalf of the church. That was the case for the church in Colossae—and as Paul closed... read more

Satan Intended it for Evil—God Intended it for Good

Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching Romans 7:7-12 in our series through Romans. The key to understanding this passage is to understand Paul’s previous life before Jesus and the intended place of the law of God in our life. Becoming a great pitcher is a... read more

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Church?

Whether or not you’ve been raised in the life of a local church, test yourself to see how much you know about the church. Can you make a perfect score? The church is God’s will for us as believers. Therefore, our knowledge of the local church and how it... read more

Public Reading of Scripture as Worship

Years ago, I was forced to attend a Roman Catholic Church mass to fulfill a requirement for a class I was taking in seminary. At first, I was not too pleased with this assignment, but as it turned out, it was quite an eye-opening experience to be sure. For me, having... read more

Sanctification and the Ordinary Christian Life

With much talk about being a radical Christian in this life, I would argue that what’s desperately needed is faithful sanctification of believers as they live out ordinary Christian lives in the face of a present evil culture. What should be seen as radical is... read more

Intersectionality — A Brave New Religion

In the recent social justice conference that was held just before the 2019 G3 Conference, I was given the assignment to speak on the subject of intersectionality. I’ve written on the subject of intersectionality (SBC and intersectionality, liberation theology,... read more

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